what is dsl modem router combo

What is a DSL Modem router combo?

DSL modem router combo is a combination of both modem and router. Usually, to connect ISP we need both devices like Modem and router. But the DSL modem router device is inbuilt of these two devices. That is why it is called the DSL modem router combo.

Nowadays we connect to the internet via wifi easily. Whether it is a laptop or mobile we can access it easily. Mostly WIFI, mobile data, and broadband connections are used to connect internet.

DSL technology is used in a broadband connection. And broadband connection is the widely used technology for the internet.

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Who Needs a DSL modem router?

DSL modem router is a powerful device that helps to provide stable internet. It also has VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which helps to connect the modem to the telephone and use it for phone calls. So, the two-in-one operation is possible for this device. So, if you are looking for a device for both internet and phone calls you can choose a DSL modem router combo.

Different Usage of DSL modem router:

DSL Connection:

DSL connection is possible with phone lines. The Modem router uses a phone wire for internet connectivity. There is a DSL post and there you can connect your router and phone via given cables.

Fiber connection:

You can use it as a fiber connection also. There is a port called the WAN port. From there you can connect a fiber modem and connect to an ISP provider and use the internet for high speed.

4G/5G Dongle:

You can use this modem router as a backup solution for the dongle. Some models come with a dongle port. You can connect the SIM card and connect to the internet wherever you go.

These are the top usages of DSL modem router combo.

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