what is two stage snow blower

What is Two-Stage Snow Blower

Two-stage snow blowers differ from single-stage ones in that they feature separate auger and impeller units to both collect and direct snow towards an expulsion chute, as opposed to using only one auger to collect and direct it for expulsion. Two-stage models feature both power and capacity capabilities that make them a popular choice among most homeowners. They are best used with deep snow conditions since their augers don’t touch the ground like single-stage models can. This combination makes two-stage models an excellent option.

Before making your choice of the two-stage snow blower, one of the first things you must consider is how much snow falls in your area. If snowfall levels are above average, larger and more powerful equipment will likely be necessary as single-stage machines cannot adequately deal with heavy, wet snow.

A two-stage snow blower may be your ideal solution if your area receives large quantities of wet, heavy snow each year. These powerful machines are more effective than single-stage models at clearing anything over 8 inches of accumulation from sidewalks where people walk.

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As part of your decision on what size and power snow blower is best suited to you, consider how long you plan on using it. If it will only be needed temporarily, single-stage models might suffice; otherwise, larger 2-stage snow blowers might provide more utility.

Prior to making any purchasing decisions, it’s also advisable to research reviews for any snow blower you are considering. Reviews from past users as well as professional reviewers can provide invaluable information that helps determine if the product suits you well and is worth its purchase price.

As well as reading reviews, it’s also advisable to carefully examine each machine’s specifications and features. Manufacturer websites usually contain this type of information – including details such as the number of snow cylinders, horsepower output and maximum chute clearing width; in addition to information regarding fuel efficiency and engine power output of each engine model. Furthermore, the warranty provides peace of mind should any issues arise during your research process.

If you want a high-quality, durable snowblower that won’t let you down this winter season, Ariens’ two-stage gas-powered model might just be what you need. Equipped with an efficient engine, LED headlights, dead man’s release, variable speed setting and track drive system which provides increased traction up hills or across inclines; this machine makes the ideal investment in areas that receive frequent snow and ice accumulation each winter season – an investment which will pay dividends over time!

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